NGC 6960 - Veil Nebula
NGC 6960 - Veil Nebula
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NGC 6960 - Veil Nebula
Blackfoot Staging Area, Alberta, Canada
ISO800, 8x4m, total 32m
NP101is, NEQ6, 60Da
The Veil Nebula is a supernova remmnant found in the constellation Cygnus.
The bright star in the foreground is not part of the nebula, but it makes for a striking image

This image was taken with a 60Da DSLR and an NP101is refractor from a semi-dark site. It was one of my first attampts at long exposure guided images from a short focal length APO refractor.

There isn't enough integration time for a lot of details and the stars are a bit overdone. But it does show the nebula. Which was a lot better than my prior failed attempts. So, as an early effort, it was encouraging.

NGC 6960 - Veil Nebula Images
NGC6960 - The Veil Nebula. Imaged on an NP101is refractor with a 60Da DSLR camera
NP101is, 60Da
NGC6960 - The Veil Nebula. Narrowband image from an NP101is refractor with an STF-8300M CCD camera.
NP101is, Ha-OIII-SI
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