IC 410 - Tadpole Nebula
IC 410 - Tadpole Nebula
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IC 410 - Tadpole Nebula
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Exposures: Hα 42 x 15m = 10h 30m
Processing: SGP,MaximDL,Gimp
Telescope: CFF132,STF-8300M,GM1000 Guider: LE80,LSX2,GSO2X
IC 410 - Tadpole Nebula in Auriga
This image is comprised of 10.5 hours of exposure time through the hydrogen-alpha filter (H-α). Due to the chronic lack of clear skies that year, there was simply no more time to be had from my location. I had originally wanted about 16 hours of H-α plus six or seven hours for RGB. This would have resulted in a color image with the deep, rich red for the hydrogen nebula blended with full color RGB for the stars.

But with the weather being a climate and all, I only managed to collect a bit over 10 hours on the H-α channel and that was it. Winter kicked in cold and early that year and there no more usable nights around here until the following April, nearly six months later. And by then, the nebula, along with the entire Auriga constellation was long gone from my skies and would not return until autumn.

So all we have so far is a bunch of monochrome H-α data, the results of which are as shown above.

Full resolution JPEG Image
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